5.0 Fingerprint Touch Earphones
5.0 Fingerprint Touch Earphones
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5.0 Fingerprint Touch Earphones

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Time to GO on the move, in a pinch, out the door. Grab your 5.0 Fingerprint Touch Earphones as you head to work, get to the gym, or jump on an airplane. A 3-4-hour battery life with Bluetooth 5 gives you just enough power to get through those music moments. Their innovative charging case provides 10 extra hours to the earbuds so you can charge back up quickly. Automatically turning on and connecting to each other right out of the case, they provide hassle-free technology. Comes complete with sleek charging case, 3 sets of silicone gel tips, and 1 set of Cush Fins. Perfect for on-the-GO moments.

Style: Ear Hook
Sensitivity: 97dbdB
Wireless Type: Bluetooth
Is wireless: Yes
Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz
Charging battery capacity: 300 mAh