About Us

Here's in Mobile Gaming Gear we’ve always believed there’s a better way to play. We’ve pushed the boundaries of innovation to create a better, more connected gaming experience. We’ve increased the dexterity of a player’s hand by utilizing their previously unused fingers on the back of the controller. By placing remappable paddles where your fingers rest, we’ve been able to increase reaction times and improve performance because the players thumbs never leave the thumbsticks.

Our accessories such as controllers, headsets, triggers and more can be tailored to your needs and game style. We understand that every player is different and has different wants and needs. We can customize your controller to match your unique taste. Our products are crafted with the right materials for the right application. Customization options are hand-configured and tested.

Come and visit us now. We gain much more attention to our customer to get a great satisfaction. Enjoy shopping!!!!